Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Features of PBX Phone System Setup

PBX refers to Private Branch Exchange, with a single external number (or some limited external numbers) allotted and this will be shared among the users; this switching system is meant for internal communications, though there will be a number of external lines for making phone calls (being shared among the users) to the outsiders through the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). Each PBX-connected terminal like a telephone or fax or computer modem is considered as an extension, with a particular extension number, as per the organizational numbering plan, allotted to it. In tune with the latest developments in the PBX Phone System setup, Internet Protocol (IP) is used for handling the phone calls, under the name of IP PBX.

There are four branches in the PBX phone system viz., the traditional PBX, Hosted/ Virtual PBX, IP PBX. The main advantage of the PBX systems is the savings in cost of making internal communications. But, with the growth of telephony technology, lots of capabilities and features are being added to cope up with the requirements of the users. To meet the growing demands of the public, there are many companies, offering many facilities in their products, to make them distinctly different from other similar competing products. Some of the common capabilities are auto dialing/ attendants, automatic call distributor/ ring back, Call blocking/ logging/ forwarding (when engaged or unattended)/ pick-up/ transfer/ waiting/ conferencing, customized abbreviated or speed dialing, DND, Follow-me or Find-me, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), CDR/ SMDR, etc., (though each company assigns a different nomenclature for the same facility).

There are many standard interfaces, for establishing connections among the extensions, trunk lines and PBX like DECT (for cordless phones), IP, Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) or proprietary protocols as defined by the respective manufacturers DPNSS, ISDN, etc.

There are also hosted PBX systems in which all the features are provided by the service provider from the equipments installed at his location, remote from the users’ locations. There are also mobile PBX systems, which is classified under the hosted category.The IP PBX is capable of handling the voice signals through Internet Protocol (IP). PBX Phone System may be a soft PBX (through software systems) or hardware based device.

For home based or small offices (SOHO), self installation (over the professional installation) of the PBX Phone System setup may be tried by the users themselves, by following certain DIY step by step procedures. The PBX systems are designed to accommodate any upgradation of the features at some later stages. As in some systems, the PBX systems are also not without certain disadvantages; but they are minimal, especially when weighed over the benefits, enjoyed by the users of these systems.

Friday, 18 July 2014

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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Advanced features in Asterisk Predictive Dialer

As a smart power dialing system, predictive dialer essentially is an outbound computer automated call processing system designed to automatically dial batches of preset telephone numbers for assigning connections to the waiting customer service representatives with an ultimate aim of maintaining a good level of manpower utilization and thereby ensuring higher profitability through cost efficiency. These systems are based on certain algorithms taking into account the call duration, waiting time between two calls, efficiency of the agents, their availability to take up a new call and also the provisions contained in the statutes in this behalf in different states (violation of such laws will invite significant penalties and even be criminal in certain jurisdictions). Also, predictive dialer will sense and skip if the answering party is just an answering machine or announce a pre-recorded message; it will also screen and drop busy/ engaged numbers/ blacklisted numbers. Thus, productivity in the initial stages of connections is ensured and the agents will just be on the job; and therefore no idle time. These predictive dialers find wide applications in call centers/ contact centers/ campaigns. They may require other related tools like screen pop (desktop integration), IVR (Interactive Voice Response) applications.

There are numerous companies providing predictive dialer software throughout the world, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. In the highly competitive market, Asterisk Predictive Dialer has carved a niche for itself in view of its time tested compact features and facilities to satisfy the communication needs of any business – small or medium or large.

Asterisk Predictive Dialer as built on open standards, it is easy for installation and configuration and seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure. It contains facilities to record/ monitor and analyze calls through various reports - whether historical or near real time and these will be useful in devising strategies for betterment of the productivity, enhancement of the level of satisfaction of the customers, etc. These reports will include agent-wise/ time-wise/ geographical area-wise calls, their durations, idle times between calls, efficiency of the agents, etc. Real time remote monitoring, without the knowledge of the agents, can also be done.